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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hummingbird 2 Beta

Hummingbird 2 Download: Pro Twitter Software Launches Beta Test

Just wanted to quickly share an announcement about the beta launch of Hummingbird 2 Twitter client and automation software. The software has been converted to the Adobe Air platform (like TweetDeck) and features beautiful design options, drag and drop functionality, and many other great features for managing unlimited Twitter accounts.

You can download Hummingbird 2 Beta to give it a go now. Note: There have been some bugs reported, and the developers are hard at work. That’s what this Beta test is for, but the original version is working.

You’ll likely want to also sign up as an affiliate because the people behind Mesiab Labs are going above and beyond to make this the premier Twitter marketing software that is 100% compliant with’s TOS.

Get A Free Upgrade

Existing customers get Hummingbird 2 Pro for free when it goes live in 1 to 2 weeks! Yup, you’ll be able to use your current license key to unlock all Hummingbird 2 features.

As a promotion for the Beta launch of the new version, the guys at Mesiab Labs have slashed the price on the original Hummingbird software to just $97 and if you use this link to purchase and enter coupon codeRECESSION” you can get an additional 15% Off!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vinefire Is An Experimental Proving-Ground For Home Business & Self Employment Opportunities

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How would you like to earn cash while you search for that perfect opportunity?

Vinefire is an experiment. A place where home business and self-employment opportunities compete for your attention, and you earn cash by viewing and voting on them. Best of all—it's free!

You can earn cash within minutes! Just Click Here and start looking through the great opportunities listed in our live links.

These links are updated once per minute around the clock. You're sure to find plenty of opportunities that you like.

Plus, you'll earn directly from Vinefire: $0.54 for each link you follow, plus $0.12 each time you vote up or down on the links. (Up to your daily earning limit. Rates are subject to change.)

Voting up () keeps good links near the top for longer, while voting down () kicks bad links off sooner. So, be sure to always vote!

Promote Any Offer for FREE!

Once you join, you can drive traffic to your offer in less than 2 minutes. Just Click Here then click the "Add Link" option at the top of any page. It's quick and easy.

In addition to driving traffic to your links, you'll earn directly from Vinefire: $0.04 every time someone votes up on your link. (Up to your daily earning limit. Rates are subject to change.)

Earn More With ClickBank

You can earn even more by getting a ClickBank Affiliate ID and sharing Vinefire with others while using that ID. After you join, check out our Tell a Friend page for more details.

ClickBank sends payments either weekly or bi-weekly depending on how you set up your account with them.

Even More Ways to Earn

Use the following methods to amass even more earnings in your Vinefire account:

  • Sponsor Links: Sponsor links, found on our live links pages are currently worth $0.90 per click.
  • Share with Friends: Have a friend who would like our website? Visit our Tell a Friend page to get your personal referral link. You'll currently earn 50% of your friends earnings every time they click a link, vote on a link, or add a link.

Raise Your Limit

Currently, new members can only earn up to $10.00/day directly from Vinefire. If you would like to earn more, you can verify your account for a small fee ($5). Verifying your account takes about 2 minutes and will instantly raise your daily earnings limit to $100.00/day.

When Will I Get Paid?

There are a lot of ways to earn money and get paid when you use Vinefire, so we'll go through the most common ways of earning and getting paid:
  • Get Vinefire Payments: Vinefire is currently in "beta" mode and is not yet sending payments. Your earnings will accumulate until we pay out. In fact, those earnings may go up or down based on the success of the Vinefire website. Read our Terms and Conditions for more details.
  • Our ultimate goal is to have Vinefire get acquired by a much larger company and the payouts will come shortly after (and from the proceeds of) that sale. We expect that sale to happen within the next 6 to 8 months...but it could be even sooner.
  • Get ClickBank Payments: If you sign up for a ClickBank ID and use it as you share Vinefire, you'll get paid by ClickBank for every person you refer who: verifies their account, or buys the Icon Pack, or makes any purchase from Vinefire. We have some really big things get your ClickBank ID ready!
  • Again, ClickBank sends payments either weekly or bi-weekly depending on how you set up your account with them.
  • Get Payment from Programs You Promote Here: This will, of course, depend on the programs you promote. Vinefire is really good at driving a lot of traffic, so get ready to start earning from whatever you promote.
  • Get Payments from Programs You Discover Here: Again, this is up to you and the program in question. There are a lot of proven, paying programs being promoted on Vinefire. Check them out, join a few and see what works.
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    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Bleet # 3 - Music You May Not Have Heard

    Cashier No.9

    When Jackie Shone

    Still under the radar, lads who probably think we are all wankers, oh... and about to explode. Yes Cashier No.9 is more than a catchy phrase and/or tune, they are working their way to the US by force. They have released When Jackie Shone as a 7" on 04/13 but good luck finding it. Once they get a label we will be hearing more from them, count on it.

    Good Article on Cashier No.9

    Another Great Song


    Fresh Blood

    If the only reason you watched Jesse Dylan's video was to get to know the senorita featured, I do not blame you one bit. But you would have missed the point was rather to inform you - Eels have done it yet again, with Hombre Lobo, set for US release on June 02. And I for one can't wait... to show the senorita my little friend! Alright, I am sorry.

    Official Website Link

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Woulda..., Coulda..., Shoulda..., Procrastination Sucks!

    Whether it's the snooze button innocently allowing us an additional ten more minutes of sleep, or if it is the three seconds you had as a warning before a lightning strike, procrastination can be a real drag.

    Let me share with you my recent little story involving procrastination. One that is true, not made up. One that is not meant to suggest go run out and gamble your life savings on a tip. But my story none the less. We all know that Mine That Bird won the Kentucky Derby recently. 50 to 1 was the payout I believe. Ok yea, anybody can say afterward they were gonna bet on that horse. But I really was, if for no other reason than to slap Mr. Destiny smack dab in it's face. I knew going in to the race that the horse could have no legs, and I would still have a half burnt cigarette I found on the racing floor just dangling from my lips, as I uttered these beautiful words "to win" to the cashier.

    Enough with the imagery, so what happened? Well as most of us do, I got busy doing something else. It was the day of the race around 5pm, and my eye witness as it were, just mentioned in passing to me, this terrible event that undoubtedly will replay in my head over the next few days..., Say Dave did you hear that the long shot won the Derby? No, I quiveringly express myself to my eye witness, you don't ssaaaayyyyy......? Just like in the movies when everything creeps to a screeching slow motion halt.
    Yes..., it hit me like a ton of bricks. What an idiot! I was going to make that bet. At that very moment I think I threw something through a window, but my point here is, it is easy to make mistakes. And procrastination can really aid a bad decision too. Whether just a whimsical bet, or an important new beta launch. Whatever it is, when poop happens, make poop-aid. Well you know what I mean.

    Now I am not trying to come off as the motivational speaker here. But too often I find myself quick to jump on the old procrastination wagon, when I should just calmly think through the benefits of reward vs. challenge. Sound familiar? Don't feel bad as I am guessing we are among the majority. Fortunately... if it is learned, it can be unlearned.

    But wait it gets better. The icing on the cake to this little drama, was the little extra nudge I received from my friend Mr. Destiny, just before he laughed and left me alone to wallow in my own tears. The horses name was Mine that Bird, yes Bird which coincidentally links to my (and the million other people using this as well) other favorite subject right now, that being Twitter, but I will leave this little nugget for the cynics to debate, as I have probably vented enough for one day.

    MiniBleet by Dave

    Twitterers' Anonymous

    My name is David, and I am addicted to Twitter. This is where you say Hi Dave! Big deal.., we all use Twitter. Or maybe you are too cool to use Twitter, or maybe you have been kidnapped by elf warriors on a far off island without Wi-Fi, but I digress.

    Seriously though, I have been loving, looking, loafing, looming, laughing, learning, listening, linking, loathing, yes loathing. Alright enough with the l's, where is this going? Are you gonna show me a pie chart or what? Simmer down, I will get to a point soon, I promise.

    I am noticing in my own little Twitterverse, especially with the massive growth reports recently posted by Twitter, that this social media consortium would just become another chore or task. I was wrong. I have thousands of followers, and I am usually lucky if one responds. Yes one or two. I know what you are thinking, this guy is a little boring. Well before I lose another reader, let me build myself up a little bit by saying that while I have not cured cancer, I am also not under 2k followers and/or without an avatar.

    Still waiting on my point. Well I guess I have three basic points to this article. My first point is, Twitter is here to stay. So before you write "Twitter: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" know that you will be wrong. Secondly, I also know that cracking the selling on twitter code without spamming is probably the "Holy Grail" to us all. Everyone is selling something. Maybe it's just a toaster, or maybe it's someone's dream, but we are all selling something. And lastly, Twitter is open to change in a big way. What do I mean? Well with all the fail whales, 3rd party apps that are really stupid or don't work at all, and with the future being so technology driven, Twitter will buy Google before Google buys Twitter. Yes I said it here first, and it is on the record.

    While this is just my opinion, and I am by no means an esteemed Professor of Harvard, I have however been studying and watching closely to see how I can maneuver in the mix. Hey that is good, I may use that later. Anyway, keep your eyes and ears peeled. Because it will probably happen when we least expect it. I would imagine most think this radical shift will be when Twitter quits with the kiddie monetization model, and really sells out. Please something more noteworthy than an Oprah Special. I for one hope it is when a kid named Jimmy420 out of Ames, Iowa shares his homework with someone in a 3rd world country who then proves scientifically that cancer cells can be killed with squirrel saliva.

    Either way, I think we can all say it has been an interesting roll out. I just hope it moves beyond the cliques, as satirized in this video, and really becomes the unbelievable tool it really was meant to become. I for one am not going to be joining the recent ranks of the 1 Month Twitter Quitter Club, and don't see me joining any time soon.

    Tweet Out'

    Sunday, May 3, 2009

    You Think Free Marketing Does Not Exist!

    I beg to differ... Recently I have been investigating "Bear Marketing System", and it achieves what it promises and surprisingly even more. And for all the doubters, try it without spending one dime, yes you heard me, not one dime.

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    The 5 Buck Twitter Trick

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    Twitter Trick contains a step-by-step action plan that can be started immediately and get instant results.

    When you download Twitter Trick now, you’ll also get over $100 worth of Twitter related bonus reports for free.

    Bonuses include Twitteroid, Twitter Automation Report and Twitter Traffic magic.

    Grab your copy of Twitter Trick now for a measly $5.00!

    Saturday, May 2, 2009

    Thursday, April 30, 2009

    ~The 1st Annual TweetBread Sweepstakes~

    I wanted to have a contest to promote my Twitter TweetBread Profile. I put some thought into how I could reward my followers, both old and new. My goal with this contest is to get to 5,000 followers before Sunday May 31, 2009 12:00am CDT. To be fair & rather than just rewarding the 5,000th follower, I am going to offer 3 prizes and draw 3 winners names from my existing 2,300 followers as well as the remaining 2,700 followers that I am trying to achieve following me within the next 31 days. If I reach 5,000 followers by the deadline, I will have a neutral third party person draw 3 lucky names of all 5,000 followers and then I will announce the 3 lucky winners on June 01, 2009 on my blog

    My hope is that you will follow me also because of the great posts I offer, and not that I just achieve multiple people that follow me who are not interested in my posts. You can review my previous posts to get an idea on what I promote typically. But to fill you in I love free giveaways, technology, small business, social networking, music, and movies. Please sign up on my blog too so I can get to know you better too.

    Which brings me to the prizes. I have 3 favorite shows on TV right now. If you already follow me you know they are Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Weeds. These shows are really entertaining, and even though I am offering new dvd box sets of each versions first season, in my opinion they can be watched over and over. I am confident that whichever one you choose will be a great gift.(see below for prize descriptions)

    I achieved 2,300 followers on my own within 75 days. You can confirm this here -, so I am confident this can be done. Also you have better odds of winning than 3 possible winners out of 5,000, as I am sure I have bots following me now and possibly in the next group of 2,700. The 3 lucky winners must offer a human response to me, and offer instructions on which of the 3 box sets they want & where to ship the prizes to within 72 hours of announcing the winners, otherwise I will have to draw a different winners name.

    Anyway I wish everyone the best of luck. Please RT and tell you're friends. I welcome you to email or tweet me any questions you may have. Lets have some fun and get me to 5K in 31 days.


    Breaking Bad - The Complete First Season DVD Box Set(2008)

    Product Description:
    Popular water-cooler drama about an unremarkable and uncharismatic chemistry teacher, Walter, who discovers new passion in his life after he learns he has terminal cancer. Once a successful chemist, Walter now teaches apathetic high school students and works part-time at a car wash to help support his family - wife Skyler, who earns a modest income buying and selling items on eBay, and son Walter, Jr., a strong-willed 17-year-old suffering from cerebral palsy. Realizing he has nothing but his family left to live for, Walter's new sense of purpose reinvigorates him into a man of action as he turns to an exciting life of crime to provide for the ones he loves.


    Dexter - The Complete First Season DVD Box Set(2006)

    Product Description:
    Dexter is based on the compelling novel "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" by Jeff Lindsay. Orphaned at the age of four and harboring a traumatic secret, Dexter Morgan (Dexter Morgan (Emmy- and Golden Globe- nominated actor Michael C. Hall from "Six Feet Under") is adopted by a police officer who recognizes Dexter's homicidal tendencies and guides his son to channel his gruesome passion for human vivisection in a constructive way - by killing those heinous perpetrators that are above the law or who have slipped through the cracks of justice. A respected member of the police force, a perfect gentleman and a man with a soft spot for children, it's hard not to like Dexter. Although his drive to kill is unflinching, he struggles to emulate normal emotions he doesn't feel, and to keep up his appearance as a caring, socially responsible human being.


    Weeds - The Complete First Season DVD Box Set(2005)

    Product Description:
    This intelligent comedy airing on the Showtime Channel stars Mary Louise Parker (ANGELS IN AMERICA) as Nancy Botwin, a recently widowed mother of two who finds herself in difficult financial straits. Her ingenious solution is to become the local pot dealer. Nancy's business really takes off, but she struggles to maintain her normal life and keep her secret from best friend and PTA president Celia (Elizabeth Perkins, BIG, MUST LOVE DOGS). Tonye Patano (LITTLE MANHATTAN) plays Nancy's streetwise dealer, with whom she has a tenuous friendship.


    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    The Twitter Traffic Machine

    The Twitter Traffic Machine

    "The Completely Automated Twitter Growth & Money Making System for People That Want to Set Up A System ONCE, Forget About It, and Have it Grow and Make Money EVERY Day!"

    This is truly an amazing system, one in which you can put something on TRUE autopilot and have it continue forward building your Twitter followers AND making you money daily.

    For additional information and a quick video: Click Here!

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Can You Imagine Having A THOUSAND Targeted Twitter Followers By THIS WEEKEND Who Would Be Interested In What You Offer? You Just Found The Tool...

    You are going to learn the exact step by step process I used to build several Twitter accounts to over 1,000 followers each in less than 48 hours.

    I will teach you how to use a highly targeted and branded approach with Twitter that will multiply your results 30 times!

    To learn more about the amazing software program and also view a video tutorial, please visit the link provided below.

    Click here to visit Mesiab Labs website!

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    New Twittad Features To Help You Monetize Twitter For Affiliate Marketing and Business

    Some new features on that gives you a second way to monetize your Twitter profile.

    Advertisers now have the ability to post Opt-In Ad Campaigns. Once the advertiser builds their campaign, they select certain demographics they would like to target for ad serving. If you fall within their demographic you have the ability to opt-in to their campaign for the monetary value that is specified; for example;

    If you are a Blogger, with over 500 followers and the advertiser wants to give you a opportunity to promote their product, the ad campaign will show up as available to you on Twittad

    Copy to Clipboard

    If you are in San Francisco, CA and a local restaurant, bar or business would like you to advertise a special event or website sale on Twitter, they can place a ad campaign for you to opt-into to help promote your local area

    If you qualify for any of these campaigns you have the ability to be notified via email, if you choose not to be notified by email your available campaigns can be found under “Search Opt-In Campaigns” when you login to your Twittad account.

    Also, from the Twittad site

    1 Background Image Placement through the Twitter API. We have continued our development by using the new Twitter API to “push” the background image after a Twittad user accepts the background ad placement. This eliminates the extra step of having the Twittad user place the image on their Twitter account, once you accept the ad we will place it automatically for you.

    Copy to Clipboard

    2 Introduction of Price per Follower (PPF). Because advertising on Twitter is such a new concept, we think it is important for Twitter users to get a feel for how valuable they could be for an advertiser. For this reason we introduce today a PPF (Price per Follower). For Twittad users this means that we will calculate your potential worth from, depending on your profile tenure, we then calculate a PPF (for example .008 cents per follower), that will be shown to the potential advertisers.

    3 Final Tweet. We realize that there are a lot of discussions on Twitter about the perfect fit for advertisers and Twitter users when it comes to promotion of brands/products on Twitter. We have witnessed a few advertisers who have had great success with our 1-Tweet Promo. Today we introduce a Final Tweet, that will be sent out at the end of the tenure.

    Copy to Clipboard

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    "This Geek Had No Internet For 24 Hours"

    What is it about being technically challenged that makes us all act somewhat like a little school girl? I already have to live with the guilt of using PC over Mac, and that shame being shoved down my throat daily either from daily media advertisements, or a colleague raising an eye at me when I mention in passing recent issues using the "M"icrosoft word.

    I am not stupid, no really I am not stupid. But I am a little paranoid, slightly repetitive (not quite a.d.d. status), and middle aged. So when I run into an eight year old at the mall that is listening to i-tunes, while also playing a Sony portable hand held gaming device, and texting a friend on his recent skipping success, while about to receive an incoming call from his girlfriend on his i-phone, I have to ask.... When is enough enough?

    Recently I learned the answer to that question all within the time frame of "24 hours". More importantly, with the absence of a Computer, Phone, or TV. Starting with the least important of the three, I use a satellite TV that has recently been deciding things on it's own. I mean to say that my TV chooses channels on it's own, as well as enters sub menu options, programs upcoming shows, etc. Now I am guessing my TV is not possessed. I assume someone else who recently moved into the area may have also obtained the same provider of satellite service, and is also using his remote at the same time that I am. Well the jokes here just get funnier and funnier, but I digress.

    I am also a new owner of the ATT HTC Fuze smart phone. Lets just say I am not impressed. Especially with bills recently that have gone from $69 to $150 per month. My guess is it is for those expensive commercials showing some rock climber using my phone to download blueprints for work, while he also shoots some pictures and video of some cute school girl, and then having a calender remind him of an early meeting tomorrow, all before he jumps in the jeep to use his ATT Fuze gps ready phone to find his way home. Well it has limited functionality at best, and well you get the idea.

    Now some will say I am starting to ramble. But where I am going with this, is to advise you of the recent heartbreak even I had with yes... you guessed it, spyware issues on my workstation. Now you are probably still asking, so what? I bring this up because with the enormous amounts of virus, spyware, malware, etc. issues that come up in a day, it can be a really big problem even for a computer technician.

    For example, I work closely with an owner of a computer repair company, where we recently discussed the "trial and error" required to attack most of the malicious virus or spyware that are released in a given day. It is not always an issue that is already categorized by the amount of the actual threat involved, even with the larger anti virus or anti spyware providers.

    Fortunately, I am not a novice when it comes to issues like these. Thanks in part to my work in an industry so dependent on a virus free environment, as well as the luck of partnering with other very talented individuals like the one I mentioned above. Through the years, we have used every manufacturers product available to remove virus and spyware from workstation's. From Symantec/Norton, Mcafee, AVG, Kaspersky, CA, Webroot, Avast, BitDefender, etc.

    What we have found is just more headache. Yes some of these have benefits, but some also have really big negative issues. I am not here to bash any of these products, so their is no need to detail the bad. What I am here to do is offer advice on a manufacturer of products that really is the best product offering I and any of my other colleagues have seen, present list included.

    The product is Spyware Doctor. Now I know what you are thinking. Sound's cheesy. Well I thought the same thing. But after working with this product for several years, I am extremely confident in it's user friendly approach, overall reliability, and the "second to none" support offered from this anti spyware provider.

    But don't just take my word for it. Right now for a limited time PC Tools is offering you a FREE no obligation scan of your system. So if you are currently fighting with any other manufacturer of spyware products, I strongly suggest you give PC Tools Spyware Doctor a try. Please notice the "ease of use approach" offered by this program. Give me an opportunity of proving to you that this program beats everything else available now, and scan your system for FREE now by clicking on the banner below

    Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Google Cash Detective 2

    In less than 24 hours Chris Carpenter is going to be releasing Google Cash Detective 2. The powerful tool that is going to undoubtedly add a much needed spark for Google Affiliates all across the web. What does this mean to you? Well clearly new tools means new research. Go easy. Take your time and "get your feet wet" as it were, especially if you have not yet jumped in the adwords pool.

    From what I, like you, have all seen with the recent press, this looks to be big. Real big! Chris has released recent posts to his blog, which I am offering for you below. These videos not only demonstrate how powerful this tool will be, but also the ease of learning, due to the unique non-intimidating coaching Chris offers. Just watch one video and see for yourself.

    Which leads me to the point of this little blog. Advertising, Marketing, SEO, Sales, Website Development, Monetizing, ROI, etc. It's enough to give anyone a headache on its own. Add to that the stress most of us have with keeping a job we do not want, but know we have to for financial reasons. As well as a bank account that is already depleted due to the money spent on the new tools like these, in an effort to get out of plan A. So how can I afford to pay Google for more advertising? Maybe the answer at this time is - You can't.

    However, this may also be the turning point. The time where you find a little piece of financial freedom for yourself, to relieve some of the stress that is currently so burdensome to you. And I sincerely hope it does, as you, like I, probably deserve it. Good luck!


    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    How Do I Get More Twitter Followers?

    Maximize Visibility: Treat Your Twitter Profile Like Any Other Website

    The first step is to understand that your Twitter profile is like any other website. You should treat it no differently from your own blog or a free opt-in newsletter. This means that if you want to increase your Twitter subscriber base, you just need to do one thing again and again: Drive web traffic to your profile. The more targeted the traffic, the better.

    This sounds obvious but many people overlook this fundamental principle and focus instead on less relevant details like Twitter usage times/frequency. I’m sure that causing controversy or learning to tweet a certain way might get some extra exposure to your profile but in my opinion, the benefits are minimal. How, when and what you tweet is not crucial.

    When you want to catch as many fish as possible, use a large net and spread it as far as you can. The guideline to remember when building your profile is just one: keep working on sending visitors to your profile. People can only follow you when they know you exist.

    With this in mind, you can play around with a myriad number of marketing strategies, just like how you would promote a website. Think in terms of incentives. Why would someone want to follow me on Twitter? How will he or she benefit from it? Assuming that someone doesn’t know who I am, what would motivate him or her to subscribe to my Twitter profile?

    Here are just some examples of traffic-driving strategies (there are many more):

    1. Create a tool/application and promote your profile alongside it.
    2. Buy a banner ad to target tech-savvy audiences, link it to your profile.
    3. Use Twitter as a tool for tech/customer support.
    4. Organize a contest through your Twitter profile
    5. Include links to your profile in email/forum signatures.
    6. Evangelize Twitter on your blog/other blogs and include a link to your profile.
    7. Connect your blog and other social media profiles to your Twitter page.
    8. Learn to pitch Twitter influencers with articles relevant to their interest
    9. Explicitly ask another user to recommend your profile or exchange recommendations.

    **This article originally posted and used with permission @