Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Twittad Features To Help You Monetize Twitter For Affiliate Marketing and Business

Some new features on that gives you a second way to monetize your Twitter profile.

Advertisers now have the ability to post Opt-In Ad Campaigns. Once the advertiser builds their campaign, they select certain demographics they would like to target for ad serving. If you fall within their demographic you have the ability to opt-in to their campaign for the monetary value that is specified; for example;

If you are a Blogger, with over 500 followers and the advertiser wants to give you a opportunity to promote their product, the ad campaign will show up as available to you on Twittad

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If you are in San Francisco, CA and a local restaurant, bar or business would like you to advertise a special event or website sale on Twitter, they can place a ad campaign for you to opt-into to help promote your local area

If you qualify for any of these campaigns you have the ability to be notified via email, if you choose not to be notified by email your available campaigns can be found under “Search Opt-In Campaigns” when you login to your Twittad account.

Also, from the Twittad site

1 Background Image Placement through the Twitter API. We have continued our development by using the new Twitter API to “push” the background image after a Twittad user accepts the background ad placement. This eliminates the extra step of having the Twittad user place the image on their Twitter account, once you accept the ad we will place it automatically for you.

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2 Introduction of Price per Follower (PPF). Because advertising on Twitter is such a new concept, we think it is important for Twitter users to get a feel for how valuable they could be for an advertiser. For this reason we introduce today a PPF (Price per Follower). For Twittad users this means that we will calculate your potential worth from, depending on your profile tenure, we then calculate a PPF (for example .008 cents per follower), that will be shown to the potential advertisers.

3 Final Tweet. We realize that there are a lot of discussions on Twitter about the perfect fit for advertisers and Twitter users when it comes to promotion of brands/products on Twitter. We have witnessed a few advertisers who have had great success with our 1-Tweet Promo. Today we introduce a Final Tweet, that will be sent out at the end of the tenure.

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