Friday, March 13, 2009

"This Geek Had No Internet For 24 Hours"

What is it about being technically challenged that makes us all act somewhat like a little school girl? I already have to live with the guilt of using PC over Mac, and that shame being shoved down my throat daily either from daily media advertisements, or a colleague raising an eye at me when I mention in passing recent issues using the "M"icrosoft word.

I am not stupid, no really I am not stupid. But I am a little paranoid, slightly repetitive (not quite a.d.d. status), and middle aged. So when I run into an eight year old at the mall that is listening to i-tunes, while also playing a Sony portable hand held gaming device, and texting a friend on his recent skipping success, while about to receive an incoming call from his girlfriend on his i-phone, I have to ask.... When is enough enough?

Recently I learned the answer to that question all within the time frame of "24 hours". More importantly, with the absence of a Computer, Phone, or TV. Starting with the least important of the three, I use a satellite TV that has recently been deciding things on it's own. I mean to say that my TV chooses channels on it's own, as well as enters sub menu options, programs upcoming shows, etc. Now I am guessing my TV is not possessed. I assume someone else who recently moved into the area may have also obtained the same provider of satellite service, and is also using his remote at the same time that I am. Well the jokes here just get funnier and funnier, but I digress.

I am also a new owner of the ATT HTC Fuze smart phone. Lets just say I am not impressed. Especially with bills recently that have gone from $69 to $150 per month. My guess is it is for those expensive commercials showing some rock climber using my phone to download blueprints for work, while he also shoots some pictures and video of some cute school girl, and then having a calender remind him of an early meeting tomorrow, all before he jumps in the jeep to use his ATT Fuze gps ready phone to find his way home. Well it has limited functionality at best, and well you get the idea.

Now some will say I am starting to ramble. But where I am going with this, is to advise you of the recent heartbreak even I had with yes... you guessed it, spyware issues on my workstation. Now you are probably still asking, so what? I bring this up because with the enormous amounts of virus, spyware, malware, etc. issues that come up in a day, it can be a really big problem even for a computer technician.

For example, I work closely with an owner of a computer repair company, where we recently discussed the "trial and error" required to attack most of the malicious virus or spyware that are released in a given day. It is not always an issue that is already categorized by the amount of the actual threat involved, even with the larger anti virus or anti spyware providers.

Fortunately, I am not a novice when it comes to issues like these. Thanks in part to my work in an industry so dependent on a virus free environment, as well as the luck of partnering with other very talented individuals like the one I mentioned above. Through the years, we have used every manufacturers product available to remove virus and spyware from workstation's. From Symantec/Norton, Mcafee, AVG, Kaspersky, CA, Webroot, Avast, BitDefender, etc.

What we have found is just more headache. Yes some of these have benefits, but some also have really big negative issues. I am not here to bash any of these products, so their is no need to detail the bad. What I am here to do is offer advice on a manufacturer of products that really is the best product offering I and any of my other colleagues have seen, present list included.

The product is Spyware Doctor. Now I know what you are thinking. Sound's cheesy. Well I thought the same thing. But after working with this product for several years, I am extremely confident in it's user friendly approach, overall reliability, and the "second to none" support offered from this anti spyware provider.

But don't just take my word for it. Right now for a limited time PC Tools is offering you a FREE no obligation scan of your system. So if you are currently fighting with any other manufacturer of spyware products, I strongly suggest you give PC Tools Spyware Doctor a try. Please notice the "ease of use approach" offered by this program. Give me an opportunity of proving to you that this program beats everything else available now, and scan your system for FREE now by clicking on the banner below

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