Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bleet # 3 - Music You May Not Have Heard

Cashier No.9

When Jackie Shone

Still under the radar, lads who probably think we are all wankers, oh... and about to explode. Yes Cashier No.9 is more than a catchy phrase and/or tune, they are working their way to the US by force. They have released When Jackie Shone as a 7" on 04/13 but good luck finding it. Once they get a label we will be hearing more from them, count on it.

Good Article on Cashier No.9

Another Great Song


Fresh Blood

If the only reason you watched Jesse Dylan's video was to get to know the senorita featured, I do not blame you one bit. But you would have missed the point was rather to inform you - Eels have done it yet again, with Hombre Lobo, set for US release on June 02. And I for one can't wait... to show the senorita my little friend! Alright, I am sorry.

Official Website Link

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