Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Woulda..., Coulda..., Shoulda..., Procrastination Sucks!

Whether it's the snooze button innocently allowing us an additional ten more minutes of sleep, or if it is the three seconds you had as a warning before a lightning strike, procrastination can be a real drag.

Let me share with you my recent little story involving procrastination. One that is true, not made up. One that is not meant to suggest go run out and gamble your life savings on a tip. But my story none the less. We all know that Mine That Bird won the Kentucky Derby recently. 50 to 1 was the payout I believe. Ok yea, anybody can say afterward they were gonna bet on that horse. But I really was, if for no other reason than to slap Mr. Destiny smack dab in it's face. I knew going in to the race that the horse could have no legs, and I would still have a half burnt cigarette I found on the racing floor just dangling from my lips, as I uttered these beautiful words "to win" to the cashier.

Enough with the imagery, so what happened? Well as most of us do, I got busy doing something else. It was the day of the race around 5pm, and my eye witness as it were, just mentioned in passing to me, this terrible event that undoubtedly will replay in my head over the next few days..., Say Dave did you hear that the long shot won the Derby? No, I quiveringly express myself to my eye witness, you don't ssaaaayyyyy......? Just like in the movies when everything creeps to a screeching slow motion halt.
Yes..., it hit me like a ton of bricks. What an idiot! I was going to make that bet. At that very moment I think I threw something through a window, but my point here is, it is easy to make mistakes. And procrastination can really aid a bad decision too. Whether just a whimsical bet, or an important new beta launch. Whatever it is, when poop happens, make poop-aid. Well you know what I mean.

Now I am not trying to come off as the motivational speaker here. But too often I find myself quick to jump on the old procrastination wagon, when I should just calmly think through the benefits of reward vs. challenge. Sound familiar? Don't feel bad as I am guessing we are among the majority. Fortunately... if it is learned, it can be unlearned.

But wait it gets better. The icing on the cake to this little drama, was the little extra nudge I received from my friend Mr. Destiny, just before he laughed and left me alone to wallow in my own tears. The horses name was Mine that Bird, yes Bird which coincidentally links to my (and the million other people using this as well) other favorite subject right now, that being Twitter, but I will leave this little nugget for the cynics to debate, as I have probably vented enough for one day.

MiniBleet by Dave

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