Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twitterers' Anonymous

My name is David, and I am addicted to Twitter. This is where you say Hi Dave! Big deal.., we all use Twitter. Or maybe you are too cool to use Twitter, or maybe you have been kidnapped by elf warriors on a far off island without Wi-Fi, but I digress.

Seriously though, I have been loving, looking, loafing, looming, laughing, learning, listening, linking, loathing, yes loathing. Alright enough with the l's, where is this going? Are you gonna show me a pie chart or what? Simmer down, I will get to a point soon, I promise.

I am noticing in my own little Twitterverse, especially with the massive growth reports recently posted by Twitter, that this social media consortium would just become another chore or task. I was wrong. I have thousands of followers, and I am usually lucky if one responds. Yes one or two. I know what you are thinking, this guy is a little boring. Well before I lose another reader, let me build myself up a little bit by saying that while I have not cured cancer, I am also not under 2k followers and/or without an avatar.

Still waiting on my point. Well I guess I have three basic points to this article. My first point is, Twitter is here to stay. So before you write "Twitter: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" know that you will be wrong. Secondly, I also know that cracking the selling on twitter code without spamming is probably the "Holy Grail" to us all. Everyone is selling something. Maybe it's just a toaster, or maybe it's someone's dream, but we are all selling something. And lastly, Twitter is open to change in a big way. What do I mean? Well with all the fail whales, 3rd party apps that are really stupid or don't work at all, and with the future being so technology driven, Twitter will buy Google before Google buys Twitter. Yes I said it here first, and it is on the record.

While this is just my opinion, and I am by no means an esteemed Professor of Harvard, I have however been studying and watching closely to see how I can maneuver in the mix. Hey that is good, I may use that later. Anyway, keep your eyes and ears peeled. Because it will probably happen when we least expect it. I would imagine most think this radical shift will be when Twitter quits with the kiddie monetization model, and really sells out. Please something more noteworthy than an Oprah Special. I for one hope it is when a kid named Jimmy420 out of Ames, Iowa shares his homework with someone in a 3rd world country who then proves scientifically that cancer cells can be killed with squirrel saliva.

Either way, I think we can all say it has been an interesting roll out. I just hope it moves beyond the cliques, as satirized in this video, and really becomes the unbelievable tool it really was meant to become. I for one am not going to be joining the recent ranks of the 1 Month Twitter Quitter Club, and don't see me joining any time soon.

Tweet Out'

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